Cannes Film Walk - Unusual Excursions In Cannes

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Cannes Film Walk - Unusual Excursions In Cannes
Cannes Film Walk - Unusual Excursions In Cannes
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Video: Cannes Film Festival 2021 walking tour (HD), French Riviera, France. 2023, February

Individual excursion for 1-7 people Duration 3.5 hours Children Without children How it goes On foot Rating 5 per 1 review € 71 per person

During the days of the film festival, Cannes transforms from an ordinary resort town to a real vanity fair. I also suggest that we plunge into the atmosphere of movie stars, learn the history of the festival, how carefully the jury members are guarded while making a sacramental decision, walk along the embankment, in the center and evaluate architectural solutions.

We will take an exciting journey that begins with the famous Red Carpet of the Palace of Festivals. Then, at a leisurely pace, with amazing and funny stories, we will walk along the Croisette. Then we will walk along the main commercial streets to the “stomach” of the city - the main market in Cannes. There are many small and inexpensive restaurants that use fresh local produce for their meals. Here we will refresh ourselves a little, I will gladly tell you about the dishes of Provence, about the local cuisine. (Lunch bill is not included in the tour price)

Then we will move to the old town with small streets and stunning views. You will find interesting stories from the life of the townspeople, connected with world celebrities and little secrets that tourists do not know about, but only local residents know.


The meeting point is by agreement with the guide, you can discuss it when ordering the excursion.

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