El Greco - The Great Artist From Toledo - Unusual Excursions To Toledo

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El Greco - The Great Artist From Toledo - Unusual Excursions To Toledo
El Greco - The Great Artist From Toledo - Unusual Excursions To Toledo

Video: El Greco - The Great Artist From Toledo - Unusual Excursions To Toledo

Video: El Greco - The Great Artist From Toledo - Unusual Excursions To Toledo
Video: El Greco's dramatic interpretation of Toledo | Art, Explained 2023, June

During the tour, you will not only explore the works of El Greco, but also take a walk around the city, which will help you to better imagine “that Toledo” where the artist lived and worked for so many years. And his immortal canvases will help to convey the spirit of that time, the spirit of the great Toledo. Individual excursion for 1-4 people Duration 3 hours Children Allowed with children How it goes On foot € 180 per excursion Price for 1-4 people, regardless of the number of participants

“It's amazing how the current look of the city (Toledo) matches the engravings of the 16th century. The view from the south, from the ring road over the river, is one of those spectacles that you call from the memory vaults for soothing before bedtime, circling the panorama with a dying eye: to the left, from the west, from the Monastery of San Juan, to the Baroque Jesuit church and the Moorish towers, to the powerful Gothic cathedral and, finally, to the Disneyland spiers of the Alcazar.

But even when the general plan is changed to a large one, everything remains as it was in the time of El Greco. (…) And then, plunging into the origins of the Toledo myth, you come to the conclusion that Toledo is a city and a legend is El Greco."

Peter Weill. "The genius of the place."

What awaits you

Walk in the places of El Greco It was in Toledo that the painter spent his most fruitful years. Almost all of his works are associated with this city, with specific orders and events. And vice versa: many places in the city are associated with the artist's personal life. During this excursion, we suggest you visit

  • El Greco Museum.
  • Church of St. Thomas. It is here that the painting "The Burial of Count Orgaz" is kept, before which they still revere, as before a sacred relic of a temple.
  • And of course - the Cathedral of Toledo, in the sacristy of which there is a large collection of paintings by the great artist.

Additional facilities

  • The excursion can be continued if, in addition to the main monuments, you want to visit other equally interesting objects.
  • Monastery of Santo Domingo el Antiguo. The painting of the altarpiece of the church of this monastery was one of the first orders of El Greco in Toledo. In the same monastery, the master was buried in the monastery crypt.
  • Tavera Hospital. The design of the altarpiece of the church of this hospital is one of the last orders of El Greco.
  • Museum of Santa Cruz, where canvases of the great artist are also exhibited.

Come, it will be interesting!

Organizational details

How the excursion goes

  • We can meet you at one of the train stations or the lobby of your hotel in Toledo
  • One excursion can include visits to no more than 3 monuments or museums. In all the monuments declared for visiting, we conduct full-fledged excursions.
  • It should be borne in mind that all the listed monuments are open to the public at different times, so the time and route should be discussed in advance.
  • The cost of tickets to museums is paid separately. Be sure to write what you are interested in!

Additional options

  • This price includes the panoramic part of the excursion in our car (for groups of up to 4 people). For groups over 4 people, the panoramic part is paid separately.
  • Excursion for groups of more than 4 people is possible. In this case, the cost of the excursion will be specified.
  • This excursion is possible with a transfer from Madrid to Toledo and back in our car. The transfer fee is paid separately.


Meeting point by agreement with the guide, you can discuss it when ordering the excursion. Museums and art Unusual itineraries2


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