First Acquaintance With Kaluga - Unusual Excursions In Kaluga

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First Acquaintance With Kaluga - Unusual Excursions In Kaluga
First Acquaintance With Kaluga - Unusual Excursions In Kaluga

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On a walk through the most significant and interesting objects of Kaluga, you will get acquainted with its past and present life. You will visit the places associated with the biography of Tsiolkovsky, find out what were remarkable about the chambers of Kaluga merchants and what interesting things can be discovered in the architecture of the city. From the observation deck, take a look at the surroundings, the Oka River and the beautiful domes of churches. Visit the war memorials and the locals' favorite parks. And besides, you will see one of the few bridges in Russia, built on the principle of ancient Roman viaducts. Individual excursion for 1-5 people Duration 3.5 hours Children Allowed with children How it goes By car Rating 4.84 on 44 reviews RUB 4500 per excursion Price for 1-5 people, regardless of the number of participants

What awaits you

In the footsteps of Tsiolkovsky The excursion will begin from the "Kaluga space outpost" - this is what the former Kaluga cosmonauts called the Peace Square. Here you will see a monument to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky against the background of a rocket, then, driving along the Mira square, you will find yourself near the monument to the 600th anniversary of Kaluga - the locals call it "Sharik". You will see the Tsiolkovsky house-museum and the State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics with the dome of the planetarium, get acquainted with its history and that side of the city's life, which is inextricably linked with the exploration of outer space. On the way, you will see a monument to Yu.A. Gagarin and the rocket, the purpose of which I will describe in detail during the walk. And next to the composition "The Meeting of the Queen and Tsiolkovsky" we will talk about the disputes about the reality of their meeting, which are still ongoing. In addition, you will walk through the park, where for 43 years the famous astronautics theorist walked or rode his bike almost every day. If you wish, visit his grave, and also see the building of one of the oldest schools in Kaluga, where Tsiolkovsky taught physics and astronomy

Historical center of Kaluga province In the heart of the city you will meet Bilibin's house, where the imam of Chechnya and Dagestan lived for a long time. Near the oldest residential building, let's talk about the history of the Korobov merchants' chambers and the legends associated with the life of False Dmitry II and Marina Mnishek in Kaluga. In the courtyard of the Zolotarevs estate, you will get acquainted with the layout of the complex, conceived for the reception of royalty. Using the example of the chambers of the merchant Makarov, I will tell you about the peculiarities of the Kaluga civil architecture of the 18th century. The program will also include a bridge built on the principle of ancient Roman viaducts. On the way, you will find out where in the 18th century the borders of Kaluga were located, and you will see the border obelisk. Walking along the Golden Alley, you will come across the majestic and rich building of the administration of the Syzran-Vyazemskaya railway. And in the park of culture and recreation you will find a story about a wooden fortress, which was located here earlier

Panoramic views, temples and former shopping arcades From the observation deck, you will have an amazing view of the Oka River lying below. You will see the bridge to the Right Bank, new buildings and the golden domes of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Near the fountain "Girl with an umbrella" you will learn the curious story of its restoration. After that, you will visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and a little later on the program there will be a visit to the Church of Cosma and Damian, built in the Baroque style by the students of the famous architect Rastrelli. In addition, you will see the complex of administrative buildings of the Kaluga province, built in accordance with the Catherine's plan for the development of the city. And the history of Gostiny Dvor will immerse you in the times of the old shopping arcade

War memorials and memorable places of Kaluga On Victory Square, we'll talk about the hard times of the Great Patriotic War. You will see the statue of the Motherland, holding the ribbon of the Oka River and the satellite of the earth, the Eternal Flame, a monument to Marshal Zhukov and other memorials associated with military battles. Along the central street of Kaluga you will return to the starting point of the journey. On the way, you will see bronze sculptures, the estate of the merchant Rakov, the first sound cinema in Kaluga. We will make a stop near the Kaluga Arbat - Teatralnaya Street, where you can make a wish near one of the popular local monuments and take a photo against the background of the Tsiolkovsky monument.

Organizational details

  • We meet near the place known to all Kaluga residents - the XXI century Shopping Center
  • The excursion can be organized both on your transport and on our
  • The cost of transport is not included in the excursion and is paid additionally: passenger car (1-3 people) - 1200 rubles; minivan (4-7 people) - 2200 rubles; minibus (8-19 people) - 5200 RUB


The meeting point is by agreement with the guide, you can discuss it when ordering the excursion.


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