Group Excursion To Petra - Unusual Excursions In Eilat

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Group Excursion To Petra - Unusual Excursions In Eilat
Group Excursion To Petra - Unusual Excursions In Eilat
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Petra is an ancient settlement in the city of Wadi Musa. Through the sands of Aqaba, you will travel here in a group of up to 50 people. The ancient treasury, bizarre red and black rocks and landscapes of the endless desert will remind you of the plots of Arabian fairy tales. And the spring of Moses and Roman architecture will take you to another millennium. Group excursion Duration 12 hours Group size up to 50 people Children Allowed with children How it goes By bus Rating 3.67 on 3 reviews € 180 per person

What awaits you

Petra is protected by sands and rocks, so it will not open to the eye from afar. But the more you will be amazed at what appears in front of you. Offers:

  • Siq gorge - a narrow corridor between natural rocks made of rocks of different shades of red.
  • Spring of Moses - according to legend, it was in Peter that Moses "conjured" a spring: hitting a stone with his staff, he carved a spring right in the rock.
  • Treasury of Al-Khazneh - a grandiose structure carved into the rock, the mystery of the origin of which 3 thousand years ago remains unsolved. You will find out what Al Khazneh was used for and examine it from all angles.
  • Ad Deir Monastery - to go up there, you have to go uphill, but it's worth it. You will not only meet with another architectural miracle, but also see the mausoleum of Aron, the brother of Moses, from the summit on the neighboring hill.
  • Roman cardo - a city-forming street with columns, ruins of temples and an amphitheater for sacrifices.
  • Necropolis - a mysterious cemetery in the rock.
  • Panoramic views of Aqaba - endless sands, among which Petra is lost.

You will not only look at dozens of interesting places, but also learn about the culture of the Nabataeans - nomads, entrepreneurs and lords of water.

Organizational details

Important to know before booking Cash payment is not possible. You pay 20% of the cost of the tour on the website. After making an advance payment, you must transfer the rest to a card or PayPal (we will send the details in a personal message). Only after full payment will the seats be reserved for you

How the excursion goes

  • The tour will be guided by one of our professional team guides
  • In the afternoon, the program includes lunch

What is included in the price and what is not

  • Included: air-conditioned transport, lunch and entrance fees
  • Additionally paid: tax at the border - $ 65 / person and visa - $ 75 / person (required), insurance, personal expenses


  • You go to the monastery of Ad-Deir at will and without a guide
  • A trip to the Arava Desert at the end of the excursion will take place if the group has time to close the border (at 19:30)


The tour starts at your hotel in Eilat. You will find out the exact meeting point immediately after booking.


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