Living Canvases By Claude Monet - Unusual Excursions In Paris

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Living Canvases By Claude Monet - Unusual Excursions In Paris
Living Canvases By Claude Monet - Unusual Excursions In Paris

Video: Living Canvases By Claude Monet - Unusual Excursions In Paris

Video: Living Canvases By Claude Monet - Unusual Excursions In Paris
Video: Paris, Gare Saint-Lazare | 19th C | Claude Monet's Paintings Series | Once Upon a Time in Paris 2023, March

Claude Monet adored Normandy: he spent his childhood and adolescence in Le Havre, met the self-taught artist Eugene Boudin, who helped to reveal his potential, and painted the painting “Impression. Sunrise”, which became the flagship of a new direction in painting - impressionism. The town on the coast of Etretat attracted him with its chalk cliffs, and the wide beaches of bourgeois Deauville were a favorite place for walks with his friend Renoir … On a tour of Monet's house-estate, I will tell you many interesting facts about impressionism and about the personality of Monet himself, a genius hunter for sun glare and bright colors. Individual excursion for 1-4 people Duration 2 hours Children Allowed with children How it goes On foot Rating 5 on 2 reviews € 260 per excursion Price for 1-4 people, regardless of the number of participants

What awaits you

While walking around the house-estate of Claude Monet, I will tell you many interesting facts not only about impressionism as a new trend in art, but also the personality of Monet himself, a genius-hunter for sun glare and bright colors. You will learn:

  • how Monet, already a well-known "selling" artist with a big name, found himself in the quiet village of Giverny;
  • how the move to Giverny affected Monet's work;
  • about several passions of the great master (besides, of course, painting);
  • about the great idea of the artist when creating a garden in front of the house;
  • why it was almost a criminal offense to breed water lilies in your own pond at the end of the 19th century;
  • what did Monet collect and what gift he considered the best surprise;
  • what is "Monet's style" in modern interior design and how to implement it at home right after arrival from France;
  • about "Monet's Cookbook" and his favorite dishes;
  • about Monet's habits, character, family and friends, his really thorny path to the top of fame;
  • how to recognize the perfect impressionist work and many other cognitive subtleties that will keep the conversation about painting at a high level in any company!

After a tour of the house-estate of Claude Monet, you can independently walk around the village of Giverny: look at the legendary hotel (and now a restaurant) Hôtel Baudy, which hosted Renoir, Cézanne, Sisley, Rodin, as well as American Impressionists; visit the old church of Saint Radegund, near which the Monet family rests in a small cemetery, and also have a cup of coffee in a cute village cafe.

As a result, you will see places of the beautiful French province, which fully reflect the definition of "picturesque", learn unpopular stories about impressionism and Monet's life, and touch the atmosphere of the great artist's work that is in the air of his flourishing estate.

See you soon at Giverny!

Organizational details

  • note: The tour starts in the city of Vernon, where you travel on your own. We will meet at Vernon Station and drive to Giverny together.
  • Comfortable trains run from Saint-Lazare train station in Paris (45 minutes and you are there; I will help you book a train ticket if necessary). The cost of an adult ticket for the Paris-Vernon train is from 7 €.
  • Not included in the price: - entrance tickets to the Claude Monet house-museum: Claude Monet's house + garden - 10.50 € for adults, 7.50 € for children over 7 years old. For children under 7 years old, admission is free (upon presentation of the relevant document). In order not to stand in line and not waste time (we can save up to half an hour), I can (after your consent) pre-purchase tickets for visiting Claude Monet's house and garden (you can give me the cost in cash on the spot); - tickets for the shuttle from Vernon to Giverny and back (5 € / person one way); - train tickets from Paris or Rouen.
  • Important! Claude Monet's home and garden opening hours in 2019: March 25 to October 30. The tour starts at 11:00 from the Vernon Railway Station.
  • The duration of the walk is 2.5-3 hours. A trip to Giverny can be combined in one day with a sightseeing walking tour of Rouen (discussed in correspondence).


The beginning of the excursion is the railway station of the city of Vernon. You will find out the exact meeting point immediately after booking. Museums and ArtOutside the city21Normandy3


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