Kaluga Is The New Year's Capital Of Russia! - Unusual Excursions In Kaluga

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Kaluga Is The New Year's Capital Of Russia! - Unusual Excursions In Kaluga
Kaluga Is The New Year's Capital Of Russia! - Unusual Excursions In Kaluga

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One of the winter days, I will gladly introduce you to cozy Kaluga, which has always been able to celebrate holidays. Against the background of important sights, I will easily and naturally tell you about the history of the city and its inhabitants. You will present a ball in a merchant's estate, learn about Kaluga delicacies, “collect” beautiful Christmas trees and hear a prediction for the next year! Individual excursion for 1-6 people Duration 2.5 hours Children Allowed with children How it goes On foot Rating 5 by 8 reviews RUB 3300 per excursion Price for 1-6 people, regardless of the number of participants

What awaits you

Magic route Having met at Teatralnaya Square, where one of the oldest drama theaters in the country stands, we will go for a walk in the smart center of winter Kaluga. You will find out what the Kaluga merchants made their fortune on, see their houses and find a pharmacy that is more than 200 years old

On the Old Market Square, where Christmas and New Year's fairs were noisy, we will stop at the first post office of the city - and you will send an exclusive "hello" to your home. See the Seating Rows and the main Christmas tree of the New Year's capital of Russia 2021 - Kaluga.

In the Park of Culture and Leisure, where the old fortress stood, you will see a marvelous panorama of the Oka and the right bank. I will show you the place where the best Christmas trees of our city took place: the tradition has been preserved to this day.

We will walk along the Kamenny bridge-viaduct, which is one of the top 5 largest bridges in Russia. We will admire the Zolotorevs' estate, now the Museum of Local Lore, and look into its cobbled courtyard.

Festive traditions of the old town Where did you sell the most delicious pastries, how did you drink tea, and what could you buy for four tangerines? During the walk, I will discover these and other interesting facts and stories. I'll tell you how Tsiolkovsky celebrated the New Year with his family and friend Chizhevsky, what was on the tables of the merchants and Soviet citizens. And you will also discover the secret of the unique Kaluga sweetness, learn the recipe for the "undesirable consequences of the holidays" and feel the aromas of New Year's Kaluga, because I have corked them in bottles for everyone!

Organizational details

  • On the way, I will be happy to take pictures of you, suggest the best views for photos and advise where to eat deliciously and where else to go in Kaluga
  • The route does not include a visit to the K.E. Tsiolkovsky with the Vostok rocket. If you wish, you can extend the walk and visit it (additional payment of 500 rubles).


The beginning of the excursion is near the Kaluga Drama Theater. You will find out the exact meeting point immediately after booking.


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