Expedition To The Black Sea Dolphins - Unusual Excursions In Sochi

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Expedition To The Black Sea Dolphins - Unusual Excursions In Sochi
Expedition To The Black Sea Dolphins - Unusual Excursions In Sochi

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You will feel like one of the marine biologists exploring the habits of the Red Book dolphins with the team of our Science Center. We will set sail on a low-sided boat to get closer to these amazing animals. While we are looking for the flock, we will discuss how and from what they need to be saved. And during the meeting with the dolphins, we will conduct observations and photography! If you want, you can join them and swim in the Black Sea. Individual excursion for 1-3 people Duration 2.5 hours Children Allow with children How it goes On a boat Rating 5 on 2 reviews RUB 5000 per person

What awaits you

The first step is briefing Since our sailing is a small research expedition, you must be well prepared. In the office on the shore, we will tell you in full detail who dolphins are and what species of cetaceans live in the Black Sea, what the work of our center is. We will explain how to properly help a dolphin on the shore. And with a life-size dolphin model, you will act out a rescue mission in accordance with the International Protocol of Action

We go out to sea After we get into the boat and go on an expedition! The main rule is to do everything with respect for the sea inhabitants. Our captains perfectly feel the dolphins, are guided in their movements and mood, so dolphins often gladly attach themselves to the boat and follow our route. And the most playful and curious swim up so close that you can look them right in the eyes

Infiltrate the flock If you like, you can also swim in the Black Sea: perhaps some of the dolphins will join your company. For those who cannot swim, we will issue a life jacket. And in the cool season, for an additional fee, we will equip you with a wetsuit, mask and fins

Part of the cost of the excursion will go towards the construction and development of a dolphin rescue center.

Organizational details

  • The rental of masks, fins and a wetsuit for swimming in the cool season (if desired) is paid additionally - 1000 rubles
  • When swimming in the sea, you can not always see dolphins up close: these creatures are often cautious and watch you from afar. If you wish, you can book three boat trips and get a discount; in this case, the chances of swimming next to the dolphins are increased.

How the excursion goes

  • I or other experienced employees of our center will be with you
  • Going out to sea lasts about 2 hours, searching for dolphins takes about 0.5-1 hours
  • The tour may be postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions
  • Please note: we cannot 100% guarantee that you will see dolphins, although 9 out of 10 times they swim nearby. If, nevertheless, the meeting does not take place, we will provide you with a discount for re-sailing.


The beginning of the excursion in the Imereti port. You will find out the exact meeting point immediately after booking.


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