Istanbul In Lens: Photo Walk - Unusual Excursions In Istanbul

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Istanbul In Lens: Photo Walk - Unusual Excursions In Istanbul
Istanbul In Lens: Photo Walk - Unusual Excursions In Istanbul

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Traveling with a photographer through the “city of the soul” will show Istanbul in a new light. Not a single detail, not a single good angle will escape us! I will not only help you with posing, but also show you the sights of the old city and share interesting stories about the places that we will pass. Individual excursion for 1-10 people Duration 3.5 hours Children Allowed with children How it goes On foot Rating 5 per 1 review € 125 per excursion Price for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants

What awaits you

City scenery For our photo route, I have selected the most colorful and iconic locations. We will walk through the heart of the capital - the old city. Your decorations will be

  • Fashionable Istiklal street, along which a bright retro tram runs
  • Church of the Holy Trinity - the largest Orthodox church in Istanbul
  • Three-story Flower passage in the neoclassical style, complemented by unique stained glass windows and gilded stucco
  • Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua in the Venetian neo-Gothic style, which will impress you with the grace of the architectural elements
  • Galata tower - the symbol of Istanbul and the embodiment of the Byzantine era. From the observation deck of Galata, you will see a magnificent panorama of the Bosphorus.
  • Suleymaniye Mosque, which keeps the love story of Suleiman and Roksolana.

Box with secrets You will not only get vivid photos as a souvenir, but also hear stories about different eras and rulers: the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, Ataturk and Justinian. I will tell you about the personality of Suleiman the Magnificent and the architect Sinan and remember many stories about the monuments that we will meet along the way. Listening to an interesting story, you will stroll past the key attractions of Istanbul, Istiklal shops, cafes and souvenir shops of an atmospheric passage. And in conclusion, if you wish, you will have lunch at the restaurant of the Galata Tower.

Organizational details

  • The entrance to the Galata Tower is optional and is paid separately - 30 liras / person.
  • I take shots with a professional Canon 7D camera and on an iPhone 11 phone


The tour starts at your hotel. You will find out the exact meeting point immediately after booking.


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