Tatar Cuisine - Learn, Cook, Try - Unusual Excursions In Kazan

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Tatar Cuisine - Learn, Cook, Try - Unusual Excursions In Kazan
Tatar Cuisine - Learn, Cook, Try - Unusual Excursions In Kazan

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Dear guests, forget about your diet in Kazan! Tatar cuisine is rich, varied and deliciously delicious. You will be convinced of this by preparing dishes with your own hands under the guidance of a chef (see descriptions of program options below). And enjoy their taste with fragrant tea. And I will tell you about the history, traditions, secrets and cultural role of Tatar gastronomy. Individual excursion for 1-10 people Duration 1.5 hours Children Allow with children How it goes Indoors from 5500 rub. for 1-6 people or 800 rubles. per person if there are more of you

What awaits you

Get to know Kazan and Tatarstan through the kitchen Tatar culinary traditions have been developing for more than one century: the cuisine of the people has changed and at the same time retained its originality. You will discover the peculiarities of gastronomy, in which the history of the Volga Tatars, dating back to the Turkic-speaking nomadic tribes, and the occupation of agriculture and animal husbandry are intertwined. Hear what dishes were taken from the neighboring peoples. We will also talk about the intricacies of local tea drinking, without which it is impossible to imagine a Tatar house

1 of 3 master classes to choose from Whichever program you choose, you will find an activity that will captivate both adults and children. Our chef will share the secrets of making goodies. In the meantime, you will carefully follow the instructions, you will also learn about the history of the selected dishes, about their influence on the culture and life of the people

  • Program 1: Cake chak-chak + echpochmak. Together you will collect a "honey mountain", dazzle and bake fragrant pies.
  • Program 2: Echpochmak. We will pay all our attention to one dish - the king of Tatar cuisine. Everyone blinds a triangular echpochmak and after baking they will taste their own!
  • Program 3: Secrets of Tatar cuisine. While listening to the story about the amazing path of national gastronomy, you will not only see how tokmach noodles are professionally cut, echpochmak and sweet roll tatli are made, but you will definitely learn how to cook all three dishes together with the chef.

And at the end of each program - a little Tatar molecular cuisine. What is it? Find out:)

Organizational details

Please indicate when ordering which master class you have chosen. Replacing the option is not possible, since consumables are prepared in advance.

The cost of master classes

  • The cost is indicated for programs 2 and 3 (duration 25-30 minutes)
  • The cost of program 1 is 7000 rubles. for 1-5 people or 800 rubles. per person for groups of 9 people (duration 40-50 minutes)

How is the master class going

  • In one of the cafes or restaurants in Kazan
  • At the master class with you will be me or another guide from our team, as well as the restaurant's chef
  • The master class can be combined with our other excursions
  • Mandatory ordering lunch / dinner (payment according to the menu)
  • Transfer from the hotel on request: for a group of 1-4 people free of charge; for a group of more than 4 people is paid additionally


Start of the excursion by appointment. You will find out the exact meeting point immediately after booking.


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