Travel From Cairo To Alexandria - Unusual Excursions In Cairo

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Travel From Cairo To Alexandria - Unusual Excursions In Cairo
Travel From Cairo To Alexandria - Unusual Excursions In Cairo

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Alexandria will enchant you with a combination of Mediterranean atmosphere, oriental spirit and monuments of Greco-Roman culture. You will choose places of interest to you: amphitheaters, museums, palaces or ancient catacombs. And we will reveal the rich history of the city and will do everything to make the trip easy, rich and informative! Individual excursion for 1-10 people Duration 12 hours Children Allowed with children How it goes By car € 220 per excursion Price for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants

What awaits you

All colors of Alexandria This is the most convenient way to get to know the city: you will have a transport with a driver, a Russian-speaking guide and the ability to adjust the route for the whole day. The classic version includes the following attractions

Fort Kite Bay - an ancient fortress built from the remains of the famous Alexandria lighthouse

Catacombs of Kom el-Shukaf - an antique necropolis, where you will see ancient tombs, columns and sarcophagi

Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi mosque - the most beautiful and famous mosque in Alexandria. We will tell you who it is dedicated to and what techniques were used in its construction

Roman amphitheater - you will appreciate the first and so far the only monument of Roman architecture found in the city

Library Alexandrina - a modern cultural center, erected in memory of the lost Alexandria Library

Pompey's column - you will consider the largest Roman monolith outside Rome and Constantinople

Montazah Palace - a luxurious royal palace. You will walk through its picturesque park and elegant rooms

Alexandria National Museum - we will show artifacts from the era of the Pharaohs, the Hellenistic and Roman periods, the Christian and Muslim eras

Organizational details

How the excursion goes

  • You will be picked up from any Cairo / Giza hotel or airport and brought back at no extra charge
  • The tour will be led by a professional Russian-speaking guide from our team


  • For a group of up to 3 people, the excursion is carried out by car
  • For more people - by minibus
  • Traffic on the roads of Cairo and Alexandria is very busy, therefore, for safety reasons, the driver drives the transport, and the guide is not distracted by the road. It also helps to make the tour more informative.

What is included in the price and what is not

  • Transport costs (car with driver) included. We will get all the necessary permits for your movement between cities in advance.
  • Meals and entrance tickets are paid additionally (optional visit): Kite Bay - $ 4, Kom-el-Shukafa catacombs - $ 5, Roman amphitheater - $ 5, Pompey's Column - $ 5, Alexandria Museum - $ 6


Meeting point by agreement with the guide, you can discuss it when ordering an excursion.


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